Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that occurs on a regular basis. If you have ever missed a freeway exit because your conscious thoughts were elsewhere, or become so engrossed in a movie or TV show that you laughed or cried, if you’ve ever meditated or experienced other relaxation techniques, you’ve been in a hypnotic state.

What some people call “hypnotic trance” is just a highly focused state of attention with a heightened sensitivity to suggestions. During hypnosis you enter a relaxed state of consciousness and feel safe, calm, aware of everything, and completely in control. In that state, you learn new ways of thinking and behaving, and your subconscious mind effortlessly stores this information for you. You soon discover that it’s easy to control pain, overcome fears, boost your libido, improve sleep, lose weight, reduce stress, gain self-confidence, kick up your sports performance, or relax during childbirth.

Studies have shown that hypnosis is an effective tool for disorders like fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), for preparing for surgery, alleviating pain, and hypnosis can double the success rate of in vitro fertilization.

Discover the incredible power of your mind and allow hypnosis to change your life. In just two or three hypnosis sessions, you can change a habit for good.

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is not intended to take the place of professional counseling or medical or psychological care, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
What people are saying about Julietta's hypnosis:
Julietta's birth hypnosis classes gave me the tools and confidence to have a calm and supportive VBAC for my second child after a traumatic first birth. Ironically, the circumstances for my second birth were very similar to the first. Yet my experience and outcome were so much better this time in part because of the knowledge I gained from Julietta. Especially when things don't go as you would like, staying calm and positive makes a huge difference. Julietta has so much experience with birth that I didn't just learn hypnosis from her--she is a wonderful resource about birth in general! Another upside is that the techniques work for any other situation where you need to stay calm, not just during birth!

Esmeralda M.
White Plains, NY

After one session with Julietta I felt calmer and more centered than I can remember. My anxiety surrounding not only my upcoming childbirth, but life in general, fell away. Her ability to untie my past from my future was breathtaking. I left our three sessions knowing that my daughter's birth would happen exactly as it should because the work I did with Julietta changed me.
Rachel A.
Pelham, NY
Hypnosis has been a highly effective modality for a number of my psychotherapy clients struggling to overcome panic attacks which interfere with accomplishing personal and professional goals. Julietta brings a wonderful blend of warmth, wisdom and humor to her work. She knows how to put clients at ease, and establish an effective working relationship. She is a valuable addition to my professional network. It is always a delight to refer clients to Julietta, and coordinate our efforts towards a person's health and healing.
Carol Merle-Fishman, M.A., LMHC
Psychotherapist, Westchester, NY
When I came to Julietta for hypnosis, I had exhausted all my options for weight loss. I felt completely out of control, and Julietta was my last hope. She gave me permission, for the first time in my life, to accept and love myself just as I was at that moment. And once I could love myself as I was, I could also love the potential of who I could become.
Julietta’s voice and words flowed through me as if they were my own blood; the positive messages became internalized immediately. It was effortless. From that day forward, I have enjoyed eating and drinking every day, have not felt deprived of any pleasure, and I have lost 65 pounds. I’ve also gained a beautiful life, both inside and out.
Tammar M.
Somers, NY
The relaxation and visualization techniques Julietta taught me in preparation for birth were incredible during both of my very long labors. One of the major reasons I was able to deliver my boys without pain medication was by talking to my babies and encouraging them to come down.
But perhaps the most powerful thing I learned from Julietta was to think of labor as not pain that I must endure, rather intense sensations allowing my baby to born. By shifting my language, expectations and intentions about birth, she helped me to experience the most natural births possible.
Throughout the contractions of my early and transition labor with my second son, I closed my eyes and focused on releasing the tension in each body part with every exhalation. (A technique I also often use in my daily life to relax myself to sleep.)
She helped me welcome my two beautiful, healthy and strong sons into the world the way that I envisioned, and I am eternally grateful.
Victoria G.
Ossining, NY
I'm a competitive biathlete and I suffered from terrible performance anxiety. I wasted a tremendous amount of energy before, during, and after my races beating myself up. The stress during my races made it hard for me to regulate my breathing and stay focused on the task at hand. Even though I never knew much about it, I always believed in hypnosis. I came to Julietta because a dear friend whose opinion I respected a lot recommended her.
I liked Julietta immediately, she had a wonderful, warm, friendly way about her. This made talking through my problems and then relaxing or the actual hypnosis easy. After the first session I was able to quiet my brain and redirect my nervous energy and thoughts into positive adrenaline. I chose to have another session to reinforce this and work through some additional issues that I thought of after the first session.
I had a fabulous racing season after my experience with hypnosis. Not only because I got terrific results, but because I was able to calm my thoughts and quiet myself. Even with my anxiety, I loved racing; I had no idea it could get so much better. And in my last race, I came in first, and not just in my age category!
Jennifer C.
Mount Kisco, NY
After a traumatizing first attempt at my driver's road test, I went to Julietta. With her help I was able to approach my second test with a calm and positive mindset using images developed in our hypnosis sessions. And, yes, I passed!
Tessa G., happy driver
I was the victim of a violent attack. I was diagnosed with PTSD and was living in a constant state of panic. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Julietta through hypnosis.
Julietta's calm manner and soothing voice was key in helping me to feel relaxed for the first time in months--just this was a blessing. Listening to Julietta's caring words, I eased into a place of safety. I slowly was able to let go of my panic state. Her patience and understanding of the situation was eerie, almost as if she had been there with me, and I was finally able to make the necessary changes so that I could continue healing.
I believe that Julietta's sensitivity is what makes her stand out among hypnotists. Julietta is not the first hypnotist that I have worked with, but she is by far the most comforting and caring. Julietta's life experience, her broad knowledge of everything under the sun, and her heart make her a very special person, and a very special hypnotist.
Anna Librada G.
Seville, Spain